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Probate in Georgia

Going through the necessary steps to probate a will can be very difficult if you have recently lost a loved one. McLeod Law Firm can advise you throughout the probate process regardless of whether your loved one left a will behind. An experienced Georgia estate planning lawyer at our firm can carefully review your case and help you create a thorough legacy preservation plan. With offices in Braselton and Gainesville, McLeod Law Firm can help guide you through the complex probate process. Probate can be tricky, especially with the potential amounts of assets and money involved, so having an experienced probate lawyer on your side is crucial.

What is probate in Georgia?

Probate is the means of proving that the will of the deceased is authentic and then appointing a personal representative to distribute the assets of the estate in accordance with the terms of the will. If no will was made but the deceased had assets, the estate will still need to go through the process of probate in order to distribute the assets in accordance with the Georgia statute of Descent and Distribution which governs intestate distribution.

McLeod Law Firm has experienced Georgia probate lawyers that can assist you from the beginning to end with all aspects of the probate process in Gainesville and Braselton, including:

  • Filing your Petition to probate
  • Obtaining assets to probate
  • Serving interested parties
  • Obtaining Letters Testamentary for appointment of the Personal Representative
  • Obtaining an EIN number
  • Publishing the Notice to Debtors and Creditors in the newspaper
  • Offering advice concerning the distribution of assets
  • Completing estate inventories
  • Obtaining release from the office of Personal Representative at the conclusion of probate

Navigating through the probate court can be frustrating. We help simplify the process and walk you through the necessary steps so you can resume your life as quickly as possible.

Will contests in Georgia

Unfortunately, sometimes issues arise regarding the legitimacy of wills. These are called “will contests” and occur when one person believes that there is a problem regarding the will. The reasons for will contests may include:

  • Mental capacity
  • Undue influence
  • Fraud
  • Forgery

If a dispute occurs over the authenticity of a will, the selection or actions of the Personal Representative, the distribution manner of estate assets, or missing estate assets, McLeod Law Firm can represent you in any hearing before the probate judge concerning these matters. If there is a dispute regarding a will, you must reach out to an experienced Georgia probate lawyer to ensure you are in the best position.

The best way to avoid will contests in the first place is to draft comprehensive, transparent, and frequently updated estate planning documents with an estate planning and probate lawyer. With many years of experience handling wills, trusts, and other legacy issues, we can tackle the toughest cases.

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