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McLeod Law Firm, P.C. has been committed to the zealous legal representation of those accused of felonies or misdemeanors throughout North Georgia for over 25 years. Whether you are under investigation or have been taken into custody, our founding criminal defense attorney, David McLeod will aggressively pursue your best interest and defend your rights so that you obtain the best possible result in your criminal case. Our law firm has handled almost every type of criminal prosecution ranging from minor misdemeanors to major felonies. Our defense attorneys have wide experience in all criminal cases, including cases involving drugs, and defense of white collar crimes. Because of our extensive experience and well-established reputation in the Georgia legal community, we routinely receive referrals from former clients, other lawyers and judges in North Georgia. We know that a criminal prosecution can be complex and intimidating so we have provided an overview that may answer many of your initial questions.

Price is what you pay; value is what you get.

  • Over 25 years’ experience
  • Former Felony Prosecutor
  • Was undefeated as a Prosecutor
  • Have tried and WON over 60 jury trials to verdict
  • Have defended and won cases ranging from DUI to Murder
  • Was death penalty qualified (meaning qualified to and did defend death penalty cases)
  • Have pursued and WON appeals to the Georgia Court of Appeals, Georgia Supreme Court, and the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals
  • Conducted hundreds of motion hearings before judges

Our prices are fair and commensurate with experience. We are best matched with clients who understand value vs. price.

Georgia Criminal Court Process

There are two court systems in America-the civil court system and the criminal court system. The civil system is for the resolution of disputes between and among individuals and entities and usually involves one party claiming that another party owes them financial compensation. A civil court can also order someone to perform or to refrain from performing an act, usually as an injunction. The criminal court system is concerned with crimes committed by individuals, or by individuals who represent organizations or business entities. The definition of a crime with its elements and penalties, are embodied in statutes or penal codes. Both the states and the federal government have their own criminal statutes.

A crime is any act or omission that violates a state or federal statute and which subjects the violator to possible incarceration, fine, or both. Criminal cases are brought by prosecutors representing the state or government. The prosecutor must prove each element of the crime by the standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt.” In a criminal matter, the defendant (i.e. person charged with a crime) is deemed innocent until proven guilty. Attorney David McLeod has over 20 years of experience and a network of forensic experts and experienced investigators. His knowledge and background combined with extensive experience and success in the courtroom work together to help us develop highly persuasive and effective criminal defense strategies.

Misdemeanor vs. Felony Offenses

Crimes are classified based upon the seriousness of the offense. Some states categorize minor offenses such as jaywalking, littering, and most traffic violations as petty offenses, meaning that the offender faces only a fine. Misdemeanors are crimes that can carry jail sentences of up to one year and also result in fines. These may include DUIs, simple assault, disorderly conduct, shoplifting and other offenses. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor you may be placed on a short period of probation in lieu of a jail sentence or given a short jail sentence along with a fine and community service.

Felonies are the most serious offenses including homicide, fraud, embezzlement, robbery, drugs, sex crimes, gun crimes, DUIs that result in serious injury or death and most violent crimes. A felony carries sentences of more than one year and/or substantial fines and probation. Subsequent convictions result in even harsher sentences and longer terms of imprisonment. Felony convictions have consequences that can adversely affect you for the rest of your life. A person convicted of a felony not only faces potentially harsh sentencing but other long-term consequences including the following:

  • Loss of right to vote during the sentencing term
  • Disqualification from professional licenses
  • Potential career and occupational limitations
  • Denials of credit
  • Restrictions on access to higher education
  • Lifetime ban on right to own a firearm
  • Damage to reputation
  • Potential denial of housing

These are only a few of the serious consequences that may accompany a felony conviction beyond your actual sentence. David McLeod has defended hundreds of Georgia residents over a 25-year period and knows that the best way to get the prosecutor to reduce your charges is to prepare a strong case for trial. Mr. McLeod, the firm’s investigators and staff carefully investigate your case so that we can craft a creative and effective defense strategy designed to be successful at trial. Our preparation and commitment to preparing your case for a possible trial means that a prosecutor is more likely to consider a favorable plea agreement including reducing felonies charges to a misdemeanor or in the appropriate case diversion. At all times, our goal is to seek dismissal or an acquittal at trial, but if this is not feasible, we will negotiate aggressively to get you the best result possible.

McLeod Law Firm, P.C. has the experience and knowledge to defend you against virtually any criminal charge from initial investigation to the successful resolution of your case. We will carefully investigate the allegations against you and prepare a strong case for trial because preparing a strong defense strategy is the best way to obtain a dismissal or acquittal or to compel the prosecutor to offer a favorable reduction in charges. Even a misdemeanor conviction can result in loss of your freedom, significant fines, damage to your reputation and other serious consequences. We are available to defend those accused of crimes in Northern Georgia on virtually any misdemeanor or felony charge including the following:

  • Motor Vehicle Offenses: DUI (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol), DWI (driving while intoxicated), vehicular manslaughter, hit and run, driving on a suspended license
  • Firearm and Weapons Offenses: Possession of a concealed weapon, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, other gun and weapons charges
  • Drug Offenses: Simple possession, possession with intent to distribute, manufacturing, trafficking cultivation and other federal and state drug charges
  • Theft Offenses: Theft by shoplifting, theft by taking, receiving stolen property, theft by receiving, credit card fraud, credit card theft, non-deposit fraud, burglary, theft by conversion
  • Financial Crimes: White collar crimes, embezzlement, bad checks, non-support of a spouse

Mr. McLeod and his investigators will conduct a thorough examination of the police report and any other evidence against you to determine the best strategy for defending your case. McLeod Law Firm, P.C. is committed to diligently representing the best interest of our clients to minimize the negative consequences and penalties associated with a felony or misdemeanor conviction. If you or a loved one have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, we urge you to consult with David McLeod our experienced criminal attorney at McLeod Law Firm, P.C. in Gainesville, Georgia. With more than 25 years of defending individuals charged with all types of crimes, McLeod Law Firm, P.C. will provide you with the advice and legal defense to protect your future.

Our dedication to the highest standards of legal excellence has garnered our law firm a solid reputation in the Georgia legal community for diligent trail preparation and persuasive advocacy in the courtroom.

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