Contract Law 101: Applied to Real Georgia Business World

While any Georgia business owner knows the fundamental role that contracts play in the success of their enterprise, many business contract disputes in Georgia begin because of conflicting views of whether an agreement has been reached and when a binding contract has been created.  Our Georgia business law attorneys recognize that business clients with a […]

Liquidated Damages as a Solution to the Issue of Proving Lost Profits from Breach of Contract

It is not uncommon for a supplier to be involved in a breach of contract dispute with a company that breaches its contract with the supplier.  Under Georgia contract law, the supplier is entitled to breach of contract damages that naturally and normally arise from the breach of contract.  Recoverable damages also include losses within […]

Rise in Immigration Compliance Audits May Lead to Costly Penalties and Litigation

The employment of unauthorized workers has been illegal since 1986.   Generally, it is unlawful for a Georgia business to hire, recruit, or refer for a fee an employee who is known to be unauthorized for employment.  Government enforcement of immigration laws has shifted in recent years to focus on auditing and fining businesses.  The U.S. […]

New SEC Rules Necessitate Review of Compliance Procedures for Georgia Businesses

The implications for Georgia businesses of the Security and Exchange Commissions (SEC) final rules concerning implementation of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protect Act that becomes effective August 12, 2011 are significant.  While other similar laws exist to encourage whistleblowers to disclose securities violations by their employer, these other laws including Sarbanes-Oxley Act […]